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Domain name is like an address of your online business. Once the domain name is set to your server space, your website gets visible on the internet. When anyone puts the domain name in the address bar, it will redirect them to the website with the same domain name.

Why do I need a domain name?


A domain name serves as a distinct identity on the word wide web. If you would like to promote yourself, take your business online, etc. a domain name is a must.

Is there a character limit for a domain name?


Yes, the minimum character limit for a domain name is one and maximum 63 characters.

Do I need a .com domain name only?


No, there are other options also available.
E.g. for the non-profit organisation (organization) you may register a .org domain name.
You can also choose the domain names as per the country code like, for India .in is available likewise, for the UK you have
You can search such different helpful extensions for your business.

A subdomain is a subdivision of a larger domain. For example, “” is a subdomain of “”. A subdomain is used to direct a visitor to a specific part of your site that may or may not be linked to your main site.

Can I modify the DNS server information?


Yes. registering your domain name, you can edit your DNS server information from Orderbox under the ‘Manage Domains’ option. Then select modify Name Server details and enter the new name server details.

Is web hosting included with my Domain Name registration?


No, web hosting is not included. You will need to purchase Web hosting separately.

Do check your inbox. You would have received a confirmation email, confirming your registration details and customer ID, Login information etc.

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